Girls’ lacrosse secures first victory

The girls’ lacrosse team defeated Eau Gallie High School 6-1 Friday to earn its first victory of the season.

“It was a really good feeling having won, and to be on the winning team,” freshman Kaitlin Inganna said. “I hope there are many more wins to come for our team.”

The game was officially a JV game, meaning that most of the players throughout the game were JV players and a few varsity members.

“You could see the great teamwork used in the game and teamwork is a key element if you want success,” senior Sara Chinoy said. “ Everybody passed the ball a lot and the effort really paid off.”

Junior Moriah Douglas appeared pleased.

“It’s nice to know we have a win on the books now and can say we have beat a team,” she said. “It was also cool that some of the Eau Gallie fans congratulated us on our win even though they don’t go to our school.”

The next game for girls’ lacrosse is on Monday at 5 p.m. against Melbourne Central Catholic.

By Kayley Lew