Gift-wrapping benefits lacrosse

Members of  several area lacrosse teams currently are wrapping presents to earn money to help players pay the fee for the sport. West Shore is sharing one booth in the Melbourne Square Mall with players from Eau Gallie and Satellite high schools.

“The purpose is to not only raise funds for lacrosse, but also to raise awareness to grow the sport and let people know that we are completely self-funded,”  boys’ lacrosse vice president Amy Moore said. “Each player who volunteers their time at the wrapping booth will earn money that will directly offset that individual’s $250 participation fee. The more money earned, the better for lacrosse as a whole as it helps build the sport locally.”

The revenue has been steady, but the team  expects it to be even more profitable as Christmas draws nearer during the next few weeks.

The players seem to like the fundraiser as well.

“It’s fun and a good way to raise money,” sophomore Christine Sherry said.

By Jack Moore