Fund-raiser scheduled at Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s is hosting a spirit night fund-raiser for West Shore lacrosse Wednesday at its Wickham Road location near Sarno Road and the Wal Mart Supercenter.

Junior Rachel Kershaw decided that it was necessary to have a fund-raiser for the lacrosse team because of the lack of funding for the sport.

“Lacrosse always needs money, especially since there is no school funding,” Kershaw said. “We have to pay for everything. It cost $250 to join lacrosse, so helping with fund-raisers allows parents and players to get some of their money back. There will also be a donation bucket for the team.”

Kershaw also said the location and time are perfect for spirit night.

“I believe we’ve had unsuccessful fund-raisers with Jersey Mike’s in the past, and we hope to see more people support us,” the junior said. “There will be both JV boys and girls games the day of the fund-raiser, so it would be great if people would go there before or after the game. I believe the team will be going there after the games.”

Kershaw said there will also be an oppurtunity to win a free sub.

“I don’t really know the details,” she said. “But I was told that if you go to the event, you’ll have a chance at winning a free sub.”

The lacrosse team will receive 15 percent of the profits combined with all of the donation money, and many of the players will be there for the event.

By Sierra Purden