FSU announces film, animation scholarship

Maddie Dimond, Staff Writer

Florida State University has announced a $10,000 scholarship for high-school seniors interested in film and animation. The scholarship has been created in conjunction with the opening of FSU’s new film and animation program.

“The program will graduate students with cutting-edge animation and visual effects skills to produce the Hollywood blockbuster movies of the future,” director Billy Capito said via email. “The panel of [scholarship] judges is looking for someone who is truly passionate about filmmaking and has the communication skills to pitch their story effectively.”

Each year, the program accepts 100 freshman and 100 sophomores who, upon completing the requirements, will graduate with a bachelor’s degree  in fine arts and professional certification training in the area of their choice. According to Capito, 100 percent of the graduating Class of 2010 found jobs in the film industry within 12 months after graduation.

“This scholarship is for someone who truly wants a career in the film business and wants a head start to help them succeed,” he said.

The deadline for application is Dec. 31.  For more information, visit Facebook.com/FSUAnimationandDigitalArts