French team magnifique at Congres

French team magnifique at Congres

Noelle Moore, Emma Kalvan, Elissa Gilbert, Andrea Rendel. Row 2: Faryn Antenucci, Marley Butcher, Emily Deruelle, Sarah Tanke

Emily Dubec-Hunter, Staff Writer

Coming back from their state competition in Orlando, the French Congres team sported ribbons of all colors along with several trophies. The team won third in State, and swept the floor in individual and team events.

“Overall, we’re still determining the final placement because I think there was an error in our scoring,” French teacher and team sponsor Jennifer Walker said. “They deducted some points by mistake and I think they categorized us in Class 3A instead of 2A, so I’m hoping that that will all be worked out. But as it stand right now we’re third place in the state.”

The team won 10 individual superieurs, 13 individual excellents and seven individual bons, or “goods,” in reading, speaking, and poetry reciting. In team events, they earned superieurs for three of their four events.

“I thought the performances were fabulous, and I was disappointed that our upper level play, ‘Les Precieuse Ridicules,’ didn’t get a superior,” Walker said. “I really thought it deserved a superior, but they were pretty severe with their judging.”

They also received the highest score possible for the photo album, plus a Pris de Jury, or Judge’s award, making up for their album being disqualified last year.

As for scholarships, sophomore Sara Tanke won a study abroad, all expense payed scholarship to the city of Perpignon this July. Senior Marley Butcher won the “Alliance Francais” scholarship to continue studying French in college. Junior Marianthi Karas won a superier in her
Level COA Reading event, which is the equivilent of the AP level, and competed in the Casse Tete, or Brain Bowl. Last year she won the study abroad scholarship that Tanke has recieved.

“This is my third year at Congres,” Karas said. “Every year is an amazing experience, but the best part about Congres isn’t necessarily the awards. It’s the experience of putting yourself out there.”