French students receive recognition

Senior Shelly Mitchell, junior Eric Di Gioa and sophomore Jett Morgan each received French honors at the high-school awards ceremony held Thursday.

“I was so shocked when I got the award,” Morgan said. “Even though there’s only six people in my class, everyone is so smart. I’m just extremely happy to get the award.”

Morgan received the Excellent French Student Award for French IV, junior Eric Di Gioa was awarded for French III and senior Shelly Mitchell took home the award for Advanced Placement French.

“I love French,” Di Giao said. “French is pretty similar to English, and I speak Spanish at home all the time. My French class is huge, and I’m kind of surprised that I got the award out of all the people in the class. ”

The three students participated in the annual Congres competition in March and each brought home a second-place trophy for the school.

By Trung Van