French students prepare for competition

The first Congres practice occurred last Wednesday, preparing participants for the statewide French competition that takes place in March.

Although the competition is nearly four months away, sophomore Brianna Silvestre says it’s necessary to start practicing as soon as possible.

“I can see why the practices are so early,” Silvestre said. “The play, the brain bowl, the individual events — they’re all in French, so it does make it a bit harder to memorize and feel comfortable with your event.”

Sophomore Sarah Tanke said she is dedicated to preparing for Congres, for which she will be reciting a poem, creating a scrapbook, competing in the brain bowl and playing a part in the play.

“Some days I’ll carry around a French study book in school,” Tanke said. “It’s a lot to take on, including the fact that I’m up for scholarship. But I’m excited and the practices are much needed.”

By Shelby Warnock