French Honors prepares for events

French Honors Society is gearing up for the new school year, with a focus on French Week, which will take place the first week of November, and Congres, a French competition in which French students are offered an opportunity to win awards and scholarships.

During French Week students celebrate French culture, history and arts. On the last day of French week, crepes are served in the cafeteria and a French film is shown in the auditorium.

“French Week is kind of like Spirit Week, only French,” said French Honors Society sponsor Jennifer Walker.

French Honors Society President Emma Kalvan said she is most excited for Congres.

“The competitions that we participate in show how much we’ve improved over the years, and it’s really something to be proud of,” she said. “It’s really where we can both strive and show our talent in French.”

During Congres students compete in different categories such as poetry retical, improvised speaking, a reading test, two plays and a brain bowl.