French Honor Society to induct new members

The French Honor Society is preparing for new-member inductions scheduled for Nov. 8. Thirty-three students will go through a ceremony which is scheduled to be held in the media center.

“This year I think has got the most French Honor Society inductees that we’ve ever had, so I have a really good group of French II students joining,” French teacher Jennifer Walker said.

Walker detailed some of the benefits of joining the organization.

“When you apply for scholarships when you go to college, they often ask what are you activities and honors that you’ve accomplished in high school,” she said. “Being a member of French Honor Society you can list that and also gives you the chance to earn leadership requirements for graduation. And it looks really good on your resume. Once you’ve already been a member for a year, you get the opportunity to run for an officer.”

The week of Nov. 6 has been designated as National French Week. To celebrate, French Honor Society members have chosen themes  there will be themes chosen by the French Honors Society officers for each day of the week. Students can earn extra credit by dressing up according to the theme.

“I wanted to join French Honor Society because I wanted to be apart of something for my school,” freshman Tatum Berard said. “I hope to gain leadership skills from it.”

By Krystal Macom