Fourteen chosen for All-County orchestra

Fourteen West Shore students auditioned and were selected for All-County Orchestra. Middle schoolers Anya J., Coral K., Abigail G. James L., Carlos C. and Mircea S. and high schoolers Summer Rhodes, McKenzie Curtis, Janet Lu, Yoosang Park, Ben Pinfield, Alice Chan, Arianna Issitt, Andrew Leonard, Chase Montgomery, Marissa Scalise and Zachary Zaroogian.

The All-County auditions are blind auditions. The judges are music teachers from around the county. Participants walk into a room and there is a sheet between the student and the two judges. The students are identified by a number on an index card so their identity is hidden.

“I like the fact that it’s a blind audition,” Scalise said. “There’s no prejudice in a blind audition, so it’s solely based off of skill.”

All middle school and high school musicians are eligible, and while many auditioned,  few were selected.

“I have made All-County since seventh grade,” Leonard said. “I’ve auditioned for other things before, so I don’t really get nervous.”

The All-County Orchestra concert will be held on Jan. 30 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the King Center.

By Summer Rhodes