Festivus marketplace set for tonight

Nathaniel Curtis, Managing Editor

The fourth annual Festivus marketplace, a fundraiser put on by the PTA, is being held Friday beginning at 6 p.m. in the courtyard. A variety of goods will be sold while the jazz combo “Daniel and the Fire Alarms” plays a selection of classic jazz tunes.

“All of jazz band would have played, but some of our key players had scheduling issues,” band teacher Carol Allen said. “I’m excited that ‘Daniel and the Fire Alarms’ will be playing though. It should be a good show.”

The event is an opportunity for local businesses to sell some of their products and get more promotions out. As in years before, vendors can rent tables in the cafeteria. The canopy area will serve as a venue for the jazz combo.

“I’m really excited for this show, like I am for most of what we decide to do,” jazz band pianist and junior Daniel Tenbusch said. “All of the events we play at end up to be put together well and everybody has an all-around a good time.”

From a business point of view, Festivus is a time to get some advertisement. For students and parents, it is a nice atmosphere to just lounge around and talk. It ends up being one of the most popular events of the first semester.

“There are always a lot of people who show up,” senior and trumpet player Dakota Helbig said. “Everyone should come to the event. It’s a good time to talk, hear some great jazz, and get some pretty good stuff. Plus, there’s food. How can you turn down a deal like that?”