FCS plans beautification project

Fellowship of Christian Students has made plans to refurbish the area behind Building 15 before the end of the school year.

“The Beautification Project was actually an idea that started last year with our team leader, Taryn [Tolle],” current team leader Nicole Ciar said. “To pull it off, we’re thinking of working with the National Art Society, and we’re thinking of doing many fund-raisers to fund our project.”

The project is meant to create a personal area for students.

“We’re hoping we can make an area that a lot of students can use and relax in,” Ciar said.

FCS officer Joy Oni said the finished product will be a benefit for all students.

“I think the good thing about the beautification project is that it can be used by anyone, not just FCS. kids,” she said. “Hopefully, students outside of FCS will see it as as big an improvement as we do, because the area is currently just dirt and a few patches of grass. When we finally do this project, it’s going to be really relaxed and nice so I think it’ll be a nice improvement to our campus.”

The area will display student work and ideas.

“It’s going to consist of art done by the students so it’s just, like, a personal student place,” Ciar said. “We also considered planting a tree for students to hang prayers on, whether they be good or bad. We really just want it to be cool and meaningful to people.”

By Lorre-Kaye Leslie