FCA hopes ‘Blind Side’ casts a vision

As a way to bring its growing number of members together, Fellowship of Christian Athletes will be watching the “Blind Side” on its first-ever movie night Saturday. The movie night will be held at the home of a family from the First Baptist of Melbourne.

“I am very enthusiastic about movie night because it’s the first time FCA has ever done anything like this,” said Lauren Novak, co-president of FCA. “I’m just really pumped for people who are getting started in their Christian walk”.

Sophomore Jade Norton said she’s looking forward to attending.

“I’m excited since I haven’t seen this movie before so it’ll be a fun night for me,” Norton said. “I would love to participate in other events like this since there are middle-schoolers and upperclassmen that I’d love to get to know and in the future. I’d like to try cookouts, movie nights and Bible studies.”

Novak said getting to know FCA members is a prime objective.

“It’s great to see that they’re willing to come to things like these social, fun movie nights as a way to break out of their shells and really get to know each other within the fellowship,” Novak said.

By Leighton Johnson