FCA coordinates game day

Fellowship of Christian Athletes kicked off the weekend preceding Thanksgiving break with a schoolwide game day on Nov. 18. Club members and a few others gathered in the Lair for a day of bonding and board games. Senior and club president Melinda Silaghi helped plan the event.

“With game day, we had a good handful of people come to play games from Apples to Apples, to some weird kind of basketball,” Silaghi said.

The event was coordinated, mainly by club officers, in an effort to bring more attention to Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Because of the efforts that FCA leaders have put forward to attract new members, many more people have come to attend club meetings, which are held every Friday during power hour A and B in math teacher Debra Jerdon’s room.

“Last Friday there were about 20 people at our meeting,” Silaghi said. “I am so excited to see how Fellowship of Christian Athletes has grown over the past few years and how many people have grown closer to the Lord as a result.”

Junior Jadasia Norris expressed enthusiasm .

“I think it’s great how the club has expanded,” she said. “With Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the numbers are jumping this year.”

By Lauren Novak