Fall impacts surfers, but not Surf Club

As storms continue to roll into Brevard County and the weather begins to cool, surfers have been adapting to the changes by donning wetsuits.

But while the weather is affecting surfers, it hasn’t changed the plans of the Surf Club.

“The weather’s not affecting the Surf Club right now because the plan we have is to do a beach clean up project, but that will probably be in the month of November,” sponsor of the surf club Jim Peterson said.

The weather has made the tides unusual, most of the waves are rough, but there is a chance to find a good catch throughout the storm.

“Recently it has been choppy, there have been waves, but they aren’t good enough to be able to ride,” junior Ciera Misner said. “Since fall is coming the waves will supposedly get better as the days go on.”

While the waves might not be in surf-able condition, Misner says she likes the change of weather.

“I like the fall weather, but it’s a bummer when you go out to surf and there is no sun,” Misner said. “A sunny day with good surf is always the best, but I’ll surf in any weather.”

By Desiree Shields