Faculty revs engines for charity

History teacher Kirk Murphy, math teacher Steve Thomas and clinic nurse Dana Mosley sped around the go-cart track during a fundraiser at Andretti Thrill Park on Friday night. The race marked the first time any of the three participated in the event. Mr. Melia, in charge of Senior Night, and Officer Landmesser, who was sick, could not make it to the event.

The event, which takes place every Friday night until March 9, is a fund-raiser for the Brevard Schools Foundation managed by Len Shannon and Laura M. Victor, who works for the foundation, which reinvests the money raised . West Shore, Riviera Elementary, Golfview Elementary, and Indialantic Elementary participated in the race; Lewis Carroll Elementary, originally slated to run in the race, canceled.

In the first heat, Murphy came in second while, Richard Dunkel of Indialantic placed first; Golfview’s contestant was disqualified after a collision burned out his car. Thomas placed fourth in the second heat and Moseley came in second behind Indialantic’s Eric Straehle in the third heat.

“I’d do this again…[I] haven’t been here since last time they did Project Graduation,” Murphy said. “They didn’t have the batting cages or the really fast track last time. I like this track.”

Brandon Bailer