Faculty pitches in to score senior papers

For those in 12th grade, the senior paper represents a semester’s worth of research, writing and revision, and those who grade the papers must turn them around quickly and score them with integrity.

“The senior papers were a 2,000-word argumentative research paper on a topic that connects to the student’s product,” said Mary Nelson, Senior Project coordinator. “The papers were due Nov. 20 and were graded a few weeks ago. I never graded any myself, but the faculty scored them after being trained on the rubric. Each paper was scored twice and the scores were averaged.”

The senior paper grading session was a first for language arts teacher Jodi Capron, who transferred to West Shore from Central Middle School last summer. 

“Actually I loved it,” she said. “Usually, we each do three, so when there’s three of them, you can get to read them each thoroughly, and give them notes they can actually use. I probably spent about 15 minutes, maybe 20 minutes, on each one. That’s because I never read something only one time. I always read them more than once.”

Teachers from every discipline on campus took part in the grading.

“Since I was an elementary school teacher and I graded papers for 10 years, it’s not out of the normal for me to do it,” math and robotics teacher Jill Whitacre said. “I really don’t mind doing it.” 

By Annelise Williams