Facebook takes heat for political ads

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren has recently criticized Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his decision to not ban political ads by claiming that “it would help Trump win.”

This criticism comes a week after Zuckerberg publicly announced in a conference that he would allow political ads on his platform as long as its content is not blatant lies. This is not the first time Warren has targeted Facebook, as she has publicly stated that she would break up big tech companies. And this is not the first time Facebook has faced criticism: In 2018, Facebook came under fire when it was revealed that it was harvesting the data of users and selling it to advertisers. And before that it was criticized by many users for censoring right-wing posts.

Derrick Wilbourne (12) said he sees the point of both sides, but that it will end badly for both left and right.

“For Mark Zuckerberg’s statement overall, I think it has good intentions behind it, but because it doesn’t try to inhibit any false information, whether it be on any side is kind of bad,” Wilbourne said,. “I get where Warren is coming from, but I think in general it’s a bad thing because it’s going to lead to more smearing on both sides, not just Trump. Like, both sides are going to smear the other.”

Carlos Zeleya (11) said political speech should be protected, and that censorship is pointless.

“Personally, I think , it’s really dumb as political ads are protected to have just about anything they want in any kind of ad, since it’s political speech and not normal speech. So it’s protected differently,” Carlos said. “And personally, I think censorship is outright dumb, because no one should be blocked from knowing any kind of knowledge. ”

By David Tran