EOC exams draw mixed reviews

End of course exams have been taking place for freshmen and sophomores for the past few weeks and several students have been voicing their opinions as to the effectiveness of the tests.

“I think these exams are really dumb because they impact our grade in a huge way, they’re really generic for the whole state, and they don’t even take place at the actual end of the course,” freshman Kayla Stevens said. “I think it’s bogus that all of Florida has to take this test because some teachers may have taught different things than other teachers so students will do poorer because they never learned the material.”

On the other hand, freshman Mikayla Almeida said the exams are beneficial.

“I think the tests are good because they makes sure that everyone in the state is getting the same knowledge,” she said. “Like with the same test, everyone gets the same education. I think they’re a good idea.” By Shaun Wilson