Election aftermath: disposing of signs

Street corners, lawns and most all public land has been filled with political yard signs, all advertising for different candidates, and causes. On her way to school junior Kara O’Brien sees at least 20 of these displays.

“We definitely have plans to help get the signs picked up,” Romney campaign contact Taraneh Dugas said. “However, it is an individual’s responsibility to make sure that their signs are picked up.”

In addition, waste management has standards that must be met in order for the signs to be picked up.

“The signs need to be cut into smaller squares if they are not able to fit into the provided trash bins,” a waste management representative said.

Those who are planning on finding a more environmentally conscious way to expose of the yard signs are out of luck, as the yard signs are not made of recyclable materials.

“The yard signs are not recyclable because they are made of multiple materials, so they are thrown away and end up in the landfills,” the representative said.

By Molly Minta