Edgewood prevails 1-0 in girls’ soccer

Senior Lauren Mannix had eight saves but it wasn’t enough to keep Edgewood’s girls’ soccer team from scoring one goal and winning the game 1-0 on Wednesday. This loss leaves the Lady Wildcats with a record of 10-5.

“Going into the game I knew that it would be tough,” Mannix said. “Edgewood has an amazing team with a lot of player depth so I knew it would be a very challenging game.”

Many of the girls on the team knew it would be a difficult match to win.

“Edgewood is a strong team who is dominant on the ball,” senior Bree Ehmer said. “So we wanted to try and mess their rhythm up and make them flustered.” 

As the Lady Wildcats have played Edgewood many times before, Abigail Watson compares this game to previous ones in a positive light.

“I think we did much better than our first game against Edgewood,” Watson said. “We did well containing them and picking our moments to win the ball and counter attack.”

Both Emher and Watson have played with some of the Edgewood girls during their club season, so they were able to have friendly competition on the field. 

“One memorable moment was when I had friendly banter during the game with my club teammates who played on Edgewood,” Ehmer said. “It reminds me that even though we may be rival schools, we can still have good sportsmanship.”

By Ava Dalessandro