Eau Gallie Artworks set for weekend

National Art Honor Society President Christian Lawson (12) plans to spend Saturday at the the Eau Gallie Artworks Festival where she will display her work and perhaps even earn a little money.

Art teacher Matt Henderson is encouraging his students to submit their art works, offering an opportunity a chance to earn volunteer hours at the showcase is located in the historic district of Eau Gallie and held annually on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

“It’s a great way to go out there and meet people,” Lawson said. “During the [NAHS club} meetings, I’m trying to get people to be interested in actually going to this event because it’s a great opportunity to go out there and have fun with your art and not have to stress about awards.”

Senior Michael Liamkin chose to participate in the show.

“My landscape piece was entered because I really enjoy drawing colorful nature scenes, and I believe it is one of my better pieces,” Liamkin said.

Liamkin expressed similar feelings.

“I think that entering competitions helps improve confidence in yourself and it provides an opportunity for your art to be evaluated by others so that it could be improved,” Liamkin said.

By Elizabeth Pickering