E-learners prepare for taking final exams from home

E-learners are going to be taking their finals in a completely different style than in previous years.

“I am probably just going to do quizlets and use online sources to help me study,” sophomore Ian Nemes said. “I might also go on Zoom calls to do tests and quizzes with other people since I don’t have classmates to directly talk to anymore.”

Students at home are so isolated from other students that things they took for granted in previous years are now what they would really want to be doing. 

“Obviously we are home now by ourselves instead of in class and around so many people,” Nemes said. “ I am more nervous in a sense that I have to rely on myself to study and not necessarily do it with like a group of friends, which is not only more enjoyable and beneficial in my opinion, but also I can’t rely on my friends to keep me focused when I don’t want to work” 

Sophomore Hayden Millband said there are also perks to preparing for exams from home.

“I am less nervous because I feel more comfortable at home than in the classroom,” he said. “I am at my house, not at school. I can eat while taking the exam.”

Millband said he’s not stressing the exams at all, and is even relaxed about it.

“I am planning to study the same way, just looking over all of the material a little bit, and maybe go through some of my notes.”

Exams will be given Jan. 13-15.

By Rylan Runske