Dual-enrollment students’ numbers grow

Students who walk into the media center during second period can no longer expect to find a place to sit because of the over-flowing number of Dual Enrollment students. By signing up for the Dual Enrollment program, students are able to attend high school classes and college classes at Eastern Florida State College, formerly known as Brevard Community College. When this program first started, not many knew of its existence and availability at West Shore Junior/Senior High School until the 2012-2013 school year, when students began to spread the word to their peers. When students found out that they could complete college credits while still attending high school, they jump at the opportunity.

“One day I overheard some of the upper-classmen talking about their college classes and I became curious so I went to my guidance counselor and he gave me more information about Dual Enrollment and I decided I would give it a try,” junior Chris Mikulas said.

In his first year of Dual Enrollment, 2012-2013, Mikulas said that “there was barely anybody in the media center and a lot of open tables.” After being asked about the amount of students this year Mikulas said, “This year I have to try to get to school as soon as I finish my college classes so I can find a seat in the media center.”

By Noah Moletteire