Dress code panel to explore uniforms

Stephanie Everest, Staff Writer

West Shore could look a little more like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry if some members of the school’s new dress-committee have their way.

Students, teachers, and faculty met Wednesday morning to discuss possible changes to the dress code and the possibility of moving to school uniforms was discussed.

“Surprisingly one student, Katy Morgan, advocated a stricter dress code,” junior Keiran Sheridan said. “One parent asked for the dress code to be more relaxed.”

Following the discussion, students at the meeting voted eight to four in favor of exploring the possibility of uniforms.

“We didn’t discuss everything we wanted to because someone brought up short shorts, and the debate lasted forty minutes,” Sheridan said.

The committee will meet again next Wednesday morning.

“We haven’t had a dress code meeting in probably six to seven years,” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said. “In last year’s client survey, people made comments about the dress code, and we wanted to address that. Any changes made will not take place until next year.”