Dress-code issues on the decline

While in recent years, dress code violations have been a problem, Assistant Principal Jim Melia said he hasn’t seen big problems lately.

“There haven’t been many [dress code violations] this year, although there have been some,” he said.

One of  the reasons for dress-code related issues over the years is inconsistent enforcement. Freshman Billy Luu said some teachers enforce dress code more than others.

“Most of my teachers don’t dress code people,” Luu said.

Sophomore Brianna Silvestre, who has a nose ring, takes issue with that specific aspect of the dress code.

“I think the piercing dress code is unnecessary,” she said. “I don’t think they’re distracting in any way, and most people I talk to don’t even notice. It’s a bit ridiculous that I could possibly get dress-coded for something as small as a stud on my nose.”

By: Autumn Scheer