Fund-raisers spring for mattress sale

In order to raise money for its shows, the drama department is putting away its cookie dough and turned to selling mattresses.
According to Maureen Fallon, the head of the drama department, other schools have raised up to $12,000 for their programs.
“We are selling mattresses because unlike other student fund-raisers, we get 50 percent of the profit and don’t really have to do anything,” Fallon said. “Mattresses are dropped off and people come to buy them. That’s pretty much it.”

Some students show optimism and are excited to see the outcome.

“Since there are 127 people in ‘Hello Dolly’ [the fall musical], and since a lot of relatives could be looking for a new mattress, you can see the big profit that it brings, rather than cookies, which you can easily get at any store,” junior Ryan Wheat said. “The catch is that these mattresses that have to be thrown away for more mattresses, are 30-60 percent off of retail price, which is a very good deal for anyone that is looking to buy one.”

Others would rather raise money a different way.

“To be honest, I find it a little odd that they are selling mattresses because they are expensive,” said Kurk Murphy, the bowling coach who is also raising money the same way. “Why don’t we try selling something smaller?”

The fund-raiser will be held Sept. 15 in the auditorium and will be selling pillowtops, orthopedic and memory foams of all sizes.