Divers stay fit with warehouse work

The club diving team Sunrise Springboard is scheduled to continue training  at the warehouse for another month, but  on March 9, the divers will be heading back to the boards to officially start  the 2020 training season on the pool deck. The team will be training after school at the Cocoa Beach pool. 

For the month of February the pool will be closed for maintenance. As of now, the divers train after school in the team warehouse where they practice drills for new dives. They also work on skills for the new season and correct newer dives attempted from the past season. 

“Practicing in the belts that coach has in the warehouse is really fun,” Maya Corces said. “It safer to try out new dives before taking it to the pool where there is a chance of landing wrong and getting hurt.”

The team also works on strength training to improve and stay fit between seasons.

“The workouts are fun because Coach Bill turns it into a game so it’s not as boring and we get the chance to be competitive,” Canon Fleming said

Some games that the team plays during their two-hour practices are a Deck of Cards, Add- on, Calling Combos, in addition to trying new tricks on the trampoline. 

“Some skills are a little nerve-wracking to try, but we break it down into steps so we get a feel of what the end result is going to be like,” Corces said.

Each diver’s goal by the end of the warehouse season is to have at least two or three new skills to take back to the boards with them at the beginning of the pool season. 

By Lillian Altmann