Distance runners ready for track season

High-school track has only just begun, but for many runners training started when the last season ended. Distance runners have continued their training from the cross-country season up to now by competing in local competitions or just going out for the weekly long-run. For every returning runner the focus is on putting their strength and speed on the track.

“I did a mile time trial at practice on Tuesday to see where I am and to see how far I’m from my goals this season,” Ethan Wilder (10) said. “I am hoping to get my times down this year from where I finished last season.”

Although many runners’ goals for the season are to improve their time by a number as small as 10 to 15 seconds, the training necessary will take many months of non-stop workouts and lengthy runs to have a chance.

“My half-mile time is currently around 2:25 before starting any track training,” Wilder said. “I am hoping to get it to around 2:10 by the end of the season or even better if possible.”

Improving in track is a long and difficult process. Freshman Adrian Delia is counting on the change in training from middle-school track to high-school track to make a difference for him.

“I have been running very easily lately but I will definitely increase training as the track season progresses,” Delia said. “I am hoping to get my mile time down to 4:50 by the end of the season and see a greater improvement from last year.”

By Gavin Litchfield