Derr to coach girls’ basketball

Taking over the former District 3A Championship team, Coach George Derr, former Florida Air Academy coach, has a lot in mind for the girls’ basketball program.

“I want to run classic plays and I always want there to be motion on the court.” said Head Coach George Derr.

Many players are excited to see what the new coach has to offer.

“It’s gong  to be an exciting year, and I’m very excited to see what input and strategies the new coach has to offer.” said eight grader, Gillian F.

George Derr wants to run a Princeton offense, with four guards on the court and one big person for quicker ball movement. He does not plan on using and of the former plays, and he has high goals for the girls.

The practices start June 10th and run through July to prepare for the 2013-2014 basketball season.


By Krishna Davda