Delayed decoration: juniors’ shirts arrive late


Emily Dubec-Hunter

Despite dealing with the tardiness of Powderpuff shirts, junior Marissa Patel finds time to decorate hers.

Junior girls raged Wednesday afternoon over the fact that Powderpuff shirts arrived at ten o’clock on Thursday morning, the day of the game. The shirts were supposed to arrive the Monday or Tuesday before.

“We ordered the shirts when we got the PO number on Tuesday the 17th,” Junior Class adviser Paula Ladd said. “I couldn’t order them until I got the Purchase Order number.”

Of the 80 junior shirts that were ordered, 39 girls’ size small shirts were missing. The representative of the company said their supplier had messed up the order, so instead of arriving the day before the game, the shirts would be arriving at ten o’clock the next morning.

“I was a little furious,” junior Rachel Ho said. “It messed up my plans for last night as well as my plans today. I had to skip class, which I didn’t really want to do, but this is more important right now.”

It’s tradition for the girls to decorate and cut up their shirts the night before the game, and they were upset they wouldn’t be able to do so.

“I was really disappointed because I wanted to do an intricate design on my shirt,” junior Jessica Whaley said. “I only got thirty minutes to work on it.”