Deadlines loom for journalism staffers

Journalism students have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to get it all together, according to Roar editor in chief Molly Minta.

“It’s busier right now because there’s a yearbook and a newspaper deadline to meet right around the same time,” the senior said.

The staff is doing last-minute writing and editing, filling in the missing pieces of their work before December magazine and yearbook deadlines.

“This time of the year is stressful because deadlines come up so fast. Everyone is working on different things to make ends meet,” sophomore Danielle Ferretti said.

“Even though it’s stressful, we all have faith in each other and know that all deadlines will be met,” Feretti said. “It all really pays off in the end, to see your work being published and know that you helped make something as big as the yearbook happen, is a really  great feeling.”

By Kelly Batache