Dancers provide sisterly support

Through their big sister little sister bonding activity, the Purr-fections dance team provides an opportunity for dancers to have the older sister they always wanted. Junior Macie Goldfarb and Sophomore Bella Stazzone are both big sisters this year.

Goldfarb has been in the program for five years.

“What the sisters do is for things like the first game and birthdays, the big sisters will write the little sisters notes and get small gifts, and vice versa,” Goldfarb said. “I think having sisters helps us to become more bonded as a team in general which can have a really positive impact on performance quality.”

Stazzone has been a been a big sister for two years, and sees the results of the program.

“We have little families where the varsity girls are big sisters and the junior varsity and middle school girls are the little sisters. Everybody participates and it brings us together,” Stazzone said.

By Lasya Damaraju