Dance team pre-sells car wash tickets

The dance team is putting a new twist on a traditional fund-raiser by selling tickets in advance for its car wash scheduled for Oct. 19. The tickets will be sold for $5 for the event that will be held at Doubles Beachside in Indian Harbour Beach.

“My coach hopes that this way we can meet our fundraising goals more easily because we’ll go in already having money,” said team captain Keiran Sheridan, a senior. “You would just hand the ticket to whoever is collecting money and that just counts as your donations.”

If they aren’t used they will be considered donations, allowing people to contribute without driving out to the event.

 “This way people don’t actually have to show up if they buy a car wash ticket,” Sheridan said. “It’s almost like fund-raising in another way.”
This isn’t the first time the dancers have tried pre-selling tickets. They held the fundraiser last year as well.
“It didn’t really work as well because not everyone passed out tickets,” Sheridan said. “So this year [the coach] is having each of us try to sell eight tickets on a stricter schedule so that its more successful.”