Dance decorators working overtime

Andrew Lim, Staff Writer

A week before the Homecoming dance, National Art Honor Society members scramble to complete the required props. Although Student Government asked NAHS members to create the props for the dance, they did not receive the funds for supplies until Monday.“[SGA] asked us about two weeks ago. They wanted posters for “Moulin Rouge,” a windmill, and a big sign,” NAHS sponsor Matthew Henderson said. “The funds we needed were about $100.”Junior Josephine Travis says the delay receiving the funds potentially will affect the end product.“It’s making some of us panic,” she said. “I think the windmill will have to be shorter because we don’t have enough time to make it bigger, and some of the work may be a little sloppier.”Henderson attributes the delay to the new purchase order system the district has implemented this year.“The bookkeeper was out of town, and it took several days to get it approved,” Henderson said. “It’s just that the system is a little slow.”

Travis said the NAHS team is working hard to complete the props by Saturday, the day of the big dance.

“We didn’t have that much time to schedule,” she said. “AP students in several [class] periods are helping out, and [NAHS President] Deena [Quader] is pretty much working any time she can, like at lunch and after school.”

But Henderson said National Art Honor Society members have been coping well.

“The members are really cranking,” Henderson said. “I’m amazed because you Wildcats are working so quickly and efficiently.”