Cross-country begins summer prep

Sierra Purden, Staff Writer

Members of the cross-country teams already have begun their summer workout routines in preparation for the upcoming season. Students received packets with different exercise plans for every day of the summer depending on their skill and endurance levels. The schedules range from running one to eight miles a day and include additional skill-building routines such as squats, lunges and short-distance sprints. With the cross-country season beginning just one week after the start of school, coaches and athletes find the summer training to be essential in a successful season.

“Last year I didn’t really work out too much over the summer, and after the first few practices, I regretted it. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it actually makes through the season,” junior Ryan Bellone said.

The summer conditioning exercises are steady and do not decrease or increase throughout the summer, giving students steady pace to build endurance. Not only are the workouts beneficial to help condition returning runners, but to encourage new team members.

“This will be my first season on the team and I was really excited but after seeing the schedule I’m more nervous than before,” junior Christine Sherry said. “It’s definitely going to be harder than I expected but I think it’ll still be fun.”

The runners will continue their conditioning on their own throughout the summer and will return to school with the first practice following the week after.