Crew team prepares for waterless regatta

A multitude of rowers will compete in a Feb. 3 race at the Florida Institute of Technology despite the fact there will be no water in sight.

Erg Sprints, an annual indoor regatta held in FIT’s Clemente Center where rowers from throughout the state compete on ergometer rowing machines instead of in the water. Throughout the event, rowers’ individual times are posted for everyone to compare, making competition fierce.

Senior Anuj Mehindru has been a rower for four years, and this will be his last time competing at Erg Sprints for Space Coast Crew.

“The event is still a race but it’s not as enjoyable as rowing on the water,” he said. “The race is much more gruesome and hurts you mentally and physically. Water races are much more fun.”

Rowers who have been been on the team know what to expect, while novices are not so sure. Freshman Katrina Pichardo, a first-year rower, is doing her best to prepare.

“I am really looking forward to Erg Sprints but I am also super nervous, mostly because of all of the people that will be there,” she said.

The rowers will be erging in sprints of 2,000 meters or less. After the Erg Sprints meet, the crew season schedule will ramp up with regattas almost every weekend until the season ends in May.

Novice Tess Landis said she’s ready for the hectic season to begin.

“Since my brother was on the team before me, I am kind of used to regattas every weekend,” Landis said. “I believe that the other novices will adjust easily because they know that being on this team is a commitment.”

By Evy Guerra