Crew team competes in erg race

Competing as part of of Space Coast Crew, West Shore rowers earned 138 points at the Southern Sprints indoor erg race on Jan. 28 at Florida Tech’s Clemente Center. Space Coast Crew faced off against Orlando Area Rowing Society, Miami Beach Rowing Club, Miami Rowing Club, Capital City Rowing, South Orlando Rowing Association, Sarasota Scullers and The Stewards Foundation. Rowers were given a flight, heat, time and erg number and competed for most of the day because of the limited number of ergs. 

“It was chaotic and nobody really likes waiting waiting around the whole day to race because it’s such a nerve-racking thing,” junior Jacob Lajeunesse said.

Senior Anna King had mixed feelings about the race.

“I was a bit disappointed at myself for not pushing myself harder,” she said. ” But at least I beat my time from my first 2K of the spring .”

By Taeghan O’Neill