Crew ready for first head race

Maddie Dimond, Staff Writer

Space Coast Crew will participate in its first head race in Jacksonville on Saturday. Head Races are 5000 meters, while a sprint race is 1500 meters. The crew team has been preparing for these long distance races since August and will have only two this fall.

“I really love head racing season, it is all about the mindset and having endurance,” Satellite senior Katelynn Whittaker said. “A sprint is hard, don’t get me wrong, but there is so much more accomplishment in finishing a 5k as opposed to 1500 meters.”

Coach Heather Rogers said she sees many benefits to head racing season.

“Sprint season is a very important time of year for us because that is when all our races are,” she said. “In September, we lose sight of the importance of staying in shape if we have nothing to work for. If we have a race in October, it motivates us to work hard.”