Crew prepares state competition

Space Coast Crew rowers have been working all season on improving their form and working as a team to get their boat across the river. This weekend, they get their chance to compete at states in Sarasota.

“We’re all really excited about it,” said freshman Anastacia Devlin, who is on the women’s team. “My boat is actually good.”

On the technical aspect, sophomore Madi Sink said that to prepare, they have been going out on the water more.

When asked how they think they are going to do, freshman Zac Vaidic, who is on the men’s team, responded with one word: “fast.”

Team bonding is an important part of their preparation Devlin said, and it has not been forgotten.

“The women’s team is making tie-dye shirts for states,” Devlin said. “My boat is doing light blue and dark blue.”

They will wear them to take pictures on practice day Friday. The men’s team also has plans for its success.

“Laziness is key except for crew,” Vaidic said. “If my boat goes straight to finals, then we’re going to the movies to see ‘Endgame.’”

By Raven Morgan