Crew prepares for sprint season scrimmage

With sprint season right around the corner, Space Coast Crew has been switching gears in order to be ready for the upcoming busy season. The crew season lasts the entire school year, with Head races in the Fall and Sprint season in the Spring. To see what’s in store for the upcoming season, Space Coast crew will be having a scrimmage with Sebastian River High school crew. The races will be at Canal 54, on Saturday. Claire Goffinet, a sophomore at West Shore, and second-year rower prefers sprint races over Head races.

“Right now I am liking the sprints because they are so quick, and the pain goes away faster,” Goffinet said. ”However, I like head racing because it is a lot slower and isn’t bad for the first half since we are conserving our energy.”

During the Fall season head races are 6,000 meters. Sprint season is faster paced with only 2,000 meter races that last for about  six to eight minutes. Second-year rower and Eau Gallie High senior Johnny Cirillo prefers sprint races.

“Sprinting because I feel like I’m flying,” Cirillo said. “Head races are generally less competitive than sprints so I like the pressure of performing well in a few minutes.”

Starting in February, Space Coast Crew will have races almost every Saturday ranging in places from Orlando to Sarasota. Sprint Season is fast-paced and will bring a whole new atmosphere to race days for the rowers. Saturday is a scrimmage so it will not be taken as serious as a real regatta. Goffinet was hoping for more.

“I was hoping to get some good food from the food tent,” Goffinet said. “Sadly there will be none because Saturday isn’t a real regatta, just an informal scrimmage.”

By Evy Guerra