COVID cancels freshman volleyball

The volleyball team has experienced many limitations lately, including eliminating the freshman team because of coronavirus. 

“It was a lot more selective for tryouts, and games are earlier because there are no freshman games before [the varsity games],” sophomore Laya Damaraju said. “There are also a lot less people in the program because there would have been 35 players, but now there are only 20. But it’s still pretty lively together.” 

Sophomore Emily Laporte said it’s sad that there is no freshman team.

“I think it is disappointing for younger students that want to try out and join a team, but understandable because we are in a pandemic,” she said.

The team has also had to take other precautions because of coronavirus. 

“We have to sanitize the balls, take temperatures, wear masks and try to keep six feet apart until it’s actually practice time,” Coach Mariah Parker said. 

Masks are not being worn at all times, according to Damaraju.

“In games we have to keep our masks in baggies and wear them unless we’re on the court,” she said.

By Adrian Delia