COVID-19 alters Thanksgiving celebrations

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way everyone celebrated Thanksgiving, including sophomore Bradley Oxley who had the virus on the holiday.

“I wasn’t feeling sick anymore, that only lasted like two days,” Oxley said. “But we still had to stay home because our two-week quarantine wasn’t up.”

The quarantine forced alterations to Oxley’s original plans.

“We were supposed to have family over but we couldn’t,” Oxley said. “My mom still made typical Thanksgiving food, but it was boring and felt like any other day.”

Others, including freshman Jadyn Rutherford, were still affected even though they weren’t infected.

“Usually we go to a big family dinner at my cousins’ house with all of our family,” Rutherford said. “This year we went to our cabin up in North Carolina instead. I brought one friend and we had a dinner with just us.” 

Although it was different, Rutherford said she enjoyed her thanksgiving.

“I always have fun at the big Thanksgiving with my cousins, and I’m sad it wasn’t like that this year,” Rutherford said. “But I still really enjoyed Thanksgiving and had a super-cool trip.”

By Lauren Mannix