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Under Pressure: AP art student centers project around teenage struggles

Jadyn Milo
Jadyn Milo’s most recent artwork

Senior Jadyn Milo is centering her AP art project on the struggles of teens in their everyday lives.

“My inspiration comes from my concentration that follows the turbulence that modern teenagers experience,” Milo said. “It stems from experiences I’ve observed from myself and others.”

Art teacher Jelena Robbins helped her with this idea.

I love discussing her ideas about her concentrations and helping her refine those ideas and put them into practice,” Robbins said. 

Milo is using a variety of mediums to complete her project.

“I’ve been using acrylic paints to paint the base of the painting; next, I will use the magazine pieces I’ve cut out to paste them into the painting,” Milo said. “In essence it is a collage, but I like combining both collages and painting because I think it’s super fun to combine both technical skills as well as designing around the focal point.”

Milo has had struggles along the way.

“My major issues I had were finding a reference photo and learning to paint skin tones,” Milo said. “It’s always a challenge to find the exact reference one needs because what I envision in my head is not always what’s readily available on the internet, while skin tones are their own beast.”

Milo is basing her project on her own observations.

“I feel that it’s important that as people we take a step back and look upon common issues we all endure as well as recognize that we all have these common issues,” Milo said. “Whether intentional or unintentional, teens can feel trapped by other expectations, so in this piece, I want to capture that feeling of your every move being watched and judged. “

Milo has created 10 pieces so far and is currently working on her 11th. 

“I think her art is very creative and innovative, and it really draws you in,” Robbins said. “Her work ethic is great, and she’s very passionate about her art. That passion really shines through.”

Milo is submitting 15 pieces in total to the 2-D section. 

“I have four more to complete before the deadline, which may seem like a while, but I have until mid-April, so I’m in a time crunch to create quality art pieces,” Milo said. “Though through hard work and determination anything can be done, including art.”


By Keeley Sorgenfrei 

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