Theatre’s New York trip canceled

The theatre troupe’s biennial trip to New York has been canceled due to the small number of students who signed up.

“It’s kind of disappointing because me and my friends already had a lot of plans,” junior Natasha Mozdzen said. “It was to the point where we were already figuring things out in regards to buying clothes and making plans for what we wanted to do.”

Senior Dylan O’Bryan said Theater Director Maureen Fallon’s wellness concerns also figured into the decision.

“Sure a lot of us are disappointed, but we care more about Ms. Fallon’s health and we understand and sympathize with the reasoning behind it being canceled,” he said.

Mozdzen said she and her friends still hope to visit the Big Apple.

“We are trying to plan a New York trip outside of school and hopefully still make that happen because we really wanted to go,” she said.

By Lindsey Hill