Tech Decks are making a comeback


Two Tech Decks flipped upside down

Tech Decks are mini skateboards that people can do tricks and maneuvers with anywhere by using a hand. They rose in popularity during the 2000s and are said to be making a comeback. Sophomores Kyle Blair and Ethan Marana are one of many that use Tech Decks around campus.

“Tech Decks help me get through the school day, especially during free classes or lunch,” Blair said. “I also believe that it is a healthier alternative to spend free time compared to sitting on your phone watching TikTok. I think that it is a unique additive to West Shore culture since we don’t have that many activities compared to other high schools.”

Marana has been playing with Tech Decks since he was 9 years old.

“When I was young, I wasn’t the best at tech decking; then, I started working to get better at it, which activated a drive in me,” he said. “Words cannot describe the feeling I had when I started getting comfortable with the board. The mountains in the sky gleamed and the birds all sang as I routinely hit ollies [which is when a skateboard becomes airborne and lands again],” he said. “It has truly become a passion of mine, and I think everyone should give Tech Decks a try.”

Sophomore Drew Newlin said he thinks otherwise.

“Honestly, I find it really annoying to be Tech Decking in the classes,” Newlin said. “I view it as an obstruction to our education as well as a waste of time, and I feel like the teachers are getting annoyed by it too.”


By Shuhuai Xu