Students count down days to spring break March 25-29

Every year, students look forward to time off from school during spring break, which will take place March 25-29. Freshman Eleanor Alderman said she counts down the days until she can take a break from the stress and relax by the beach.

“I’m excited for spring break,” she said. “I’m not going anywhere this year, but I’m looking forward to playing soccer and hanging out with my friends. I’m volunteering at a soccer camp, and I’m excited about that; it’s a fun way to get my volunteer hours in.”

Freshman Zoey DiOrio said she is looking forward to spending her time away from school adventuring and making new memories. 

“I’m going on a spring snowboarding trip to Utah with my sister and dad,” she said. “We go every year during winter and spring break. Utah is getting a lot of snow right now, so it’s going to be pretty. I also really like just going out downtown in Park City, and I love the wildfire pizza places.”

Sophomore Grace Mannix said she would rather use the vacation days away from school to stay local and soak up the time off by relaxing but spend her summers vacationing.  

“Over spring break, I plan on just staying in town and hanging out with my friends and family,” she said. “Me and my friends are planning on doing a lot during the break like taking surf lessons, going tubing on the boat, watching the sunrise, getting açai bowls and playing volleyball at the beach.”


By Jordyn Judge