Staff and students cite their biggest concerns

Valery Linkenhoker, Managing Editor

From dirty water fountains and animals in the ceiling to vaping and stress, students and staff are expressing their concerns about life on campus.

Seventh-grader Iona Peters said the biggest problem is people cutting in the lunch lines. Beginning with a few people and then friends adding on to the front and middle of the line makes a five-minute wait turn into 15 minutes, she said.

Senior Dylan Gornto cites a different a concern.

“The biggest problem at West Shore would probably be academic integrity,” Gornto said. “Kids can cheat so easily on some of the teachers’ tests here, and they use it to their advantage because some teachers take their tests and quizzes from online websites.”

Sophomore Jonelle Plahuta said the school’s outdated facility makes her anxious. 

“I am most concerned that I’m going to die from drinking the water,” Plahuta said. “In some of the water fountains at school the water can have a brownish tint, or it’s super-warm, and I just don’t feel safe drinking from them. It also tastes really bad.”

Eighth-grader Jade Toland points to vaping as the biggest problem on campus. And School Resource Officer Valerie Butler and Athletic Director Tony Riopelle, agree. However, Butler also said drivers in the parking lot also pose a problem due to dangerous habits.

“There have been a few [accidents in the parking lot] and we’ve had some complaints,” Butler said.

History teacher James Pustay said stress is the biggest concern due to it having an effect on mental health.