Orchestra plans for sweet treats and music

As the beginning nine weeks of the school year comes to an end, orchestra students are preparing for their first performance of the year — a Nov. 5 dessert concert.

The event is orchestra’s annual dessert concert. It will feature the entire orchestra class presenting a number of songs they have rehearsed over the past month.

“To prepare, we meet every Wednesday to practice and add our own take on the songs,” senior Jacob Booe said. “I will be playing the cello and the bass, so show up.”

Booe added that Hurricane Mathew did not cause any setbacks for the preparation of the event.

According to orchestra teacher Maureen Fallon, those who attend will be treated to a dessert buffet and more than an hour’s worth of performances.

The event will take place in the auditorium beginning at 6 p.m. All students and parents are invited to attend.

By Gabriel Aragon