Looking for that special Valentine? Matchomatics can help

The Mathomatic fund-raiser paper, available for purchase for $5.


The Mathomatic fund-raiser paper, available for purchase for $5.

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, the annual Matchomatics fund-raiser forms were homerooms Friday. The questionnaires were filled out by students, and feed into a program designed to match them with peers based on compatibility. Results will be available for purchase for $5 next week in the commons area. Proceeds go to fund the Junior Class.

“I’m so excited that we as a Junior Class finally get to run the Matchomatics,” Historian Iona Peters said. “I always think it’s a fun activity for our school to bond over.”

Historically, Matchomatics have been a high-producing fund-raiser as many students, including junior Alexis Clark, line up to see their matches.

“I like doing Matchomatics because my friends and I always think it’s funny seeing who we get paired up with,” she said.

Senior Toby Konowitz said he doesn’t see the appeal.

“I never really got into the whole Matchomatics bonanza,” he said. “I think there are more appropriate ways to gather funds for a high school than monetized dating.”

Nonetheless, the fund-raiser performs well and raises the energy of students who look forward to talking about their results with each other.

“Even though the lines are really long, I always buy one and then ask my friends who were on theirs,” Clark said. “Basically during every class period someone is talking about who was on their Matchomatics.”

Students that are absent during homeroomFriday can pick up the forms from class sponsor Kimberly Walling in Room 4-204.

“Even if you don’t take them seriously, it is exciting to see the results,” Junior Class Vice-President Thien-nhi Nguyen said.

By Allison Clark